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About Serge

Unmatched Experience Combined with a Passion for Teaching

From university students studying abroad to middle school kids in the heart of a violent neighborhood, from grade school children in South Korea to top high schoolers as the principal of a learning center in Los Angeles, I have taught individuals of all sorts in my 10+ years of dramatically varied teaching experience. As a result, I have gained the knowledge and awareness needed to help my pupils improve their reading or writing skills. With a passion for teaching and compassion for my students, I look forward to helping anyone who requires the service of an expert tutor.

I began working with ESL college students about 10 years ago when I began college myself. I worked part-time at my university’s Writing Center despite the fact that they usually only allowed graduate students to tutor there. At the same time, I became an experienced editor working on a 25-time national awarding winning history journal and on the Daily Titan, a nationally awarded daily student newspaper. Ultimately, I became the newspaper’s editor in chief. (Cal State Fullerton has nationally distinguished journalism and publishing programs, which is why I chose to attend there.)

After graduating with degrees in English and journalism in 2011, I worked with disadvantaged youth for a non-profit company that in-part aimed to keep middle schools kids off the streets. The school lay in the thick of gang-violence so I learned quickly how to manage tough kids while also being an encouraging, compassionate role model. A year later, though it was hard, I left that school where I had grown close to many students so I could travel to South Korea to teach English. I do not speak Korean, so to effectively teach English, I honed my ability to break down complex concepts into easily understood tidbits. Because I enjoyed the first year in Korea a great deal and because my students responded well to the strategies and lessons I devised, I stayed a second year. In that year, I became the head instructor of the 12 teacher private academy.

Since returning to Orange County in 2014, I’ve managed to travel a great deal, catch-up with family and friends, start my own farm, and most importantly, continue to teach. Until April of 2017, I taught at and managed a learning center in Diamond Bar. I love teaching. I’m good at it. I don’t think I’ll ever not work with kids to improve their English skills and foster their self-confidence. I now seek to perfect my skills and expand how I am able to help my students by opening my own tutoring service. I have many goals for my business, but parents and students will always be my top priority.

I only have two goals when working with a student. I believe that people of any age can only really learn from someone with whom they are comfortable, so first, I subtly make the students feel safe and comfortable with me. I am always positive and encouraging. I don’t lie to the student if he or she performs poorly, but I energetically frame it as an opportunity for improvement. In this way, my students learn to face mistakes with resilience and confidence after a time. Second, I motivate and gently push my students to do their very best. Keeping a positive attitude allows me to be fair with my pupils. If they are not motivated to work, I use my energy to excite them. I then channel that excitement into productive learning. I’ve learned how to do these things over the past 10 years through much trial and error. I am at a point where I can quickly and effectively help an adult or child better his or her English skills.

Most importantly, I love the English language, so as I’ve taught students to improve their skills over the past decade, I’ve also actively sought to improve my own English skills and awareness of the language. On a daily basis, I read books about grammar, writing, reading, and education. I now have a far better understanding of English than I did after graduating with two degrees, one in English and the other in Journalism. This growing depth of knowledge of English’s history, syntax, usage rules, quirks, etc., allows me to explain a lesson in a simpler way than a tutor with less experience.

When I was a kid, I never thought I would end up teaching English skills as a professional, but the adventures that have led me to this life as an expert tutor have been amazingly fulfilling. Last year, I realized that I will always be an educator. I’ll always work with kids to improve their lives by helping them build crucial language and communication skills.
If you’re searching for an honest, experienced, compassionate tutor, then look no further.

Courses for Students

Informative Academic Writing Course

Students will strengthen their skills in comprehending and then
Writing Courses

Persuasive Essay Writing Course

In this course, students will practice writing persuasive or
Writing Courses

Literary Analysis Writing Course

Students will improve their critical thinking skills in this
Writing Courses

Creative Narrative Writing

Creative writing enhances a student’s ability to write in
Writing Courses

Business Media Writing

In the modern era, business professionals write in different
Writing Courses

Fiction Book Club

Students will read grade-appropriate fiction novels and complete book
Reading Courses

Nonfiction Book Club

Students will read grade-appropriate non-fiction novels and complete book
Reading Courses

Grammar Exploration

This course focuses on improving a student’s understanding and usage
Language Courses

Program Features

Small Group Sizes

  • 3 student maximum and grouped with similar ages

  • Effective for collaboration

  • Ideal amount of individual attention for each student

Rigor Levels

  • Flexible workload for busy students

  • Optional intense workload for school vacations

  • Between 30 minutes & 4 hours homework per week (Parent choice)

Customized Learning Plan

  • Tailored lessons to engage the student

  • Easy calendar for students and parents to follow

  • Clear learning goals to track progress

Flexible Scheduling

  • Many class times per week

  • See all available slots

  • Reschedule from your cell phone

Weekly Updates & Monthly Reports

  • Electronic weekly updates of completed work and assignments

  • Monthly reports on progress

  • Advanced writing statistics and anonymous student comparisons

Translation Services Available

  • Text message translation OK

  • Korean and Mandarin translator for parent meetings

  • Can translate notifications and reports upon request

Tutoring Locations

Irvine Area

Mondays & Wednesdays

Diamond Bar Area

Tuesdays & Thursdays

BEGNNING IN JUNE – Cerritos Area

Fridays & Saturdays

Online Tutoring Available

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